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Wouldn't it be great if there was one place you could go to answer all of your questions and queries about your trip to London?

Questions such as...

  • Which travel tickets should I buy?
  • How do get to/from the airport?
  • How can I save money but still have a great time?

Great news - the NOTSOBASICLONDON travel guide is your ultimate London bible and exactly what you need to be as organised as possible before your trip to London.

*Please Note: This travel guide is already included in the 3-day London itinerary*

What's included in the London travel guide?

Here are just a few of the chapters you’ll find in the guide ...

  • How to Use London Transport 
  • How To Get To/From The Airport
  • London Neighbourhood guide
  • Money Saving Tips That Actually Work
  • Helpful Things To Know When Visiting London
  • FAQ's
  • Recommended Walking & Bus Tours
  • Day Trips From London
  • Must Visit Restaurants
  • Helpful Apps To Download
  • Things To Do At Night

… plus much more!

Who is the London travel guide suitable for?

The London travel guide is for anyone who wants to be as prepared and organised as possible when visiting London. Think of it as your London 101. The guide will help you from the word go - from planning your travel to/from the airport, recommending food spots, suggesting tons of fun things to do and giving you general advice on how to navigate and enjoy the city like a local. 

Who is the London travel guide not suitable for?

The travel guide isn’t suitable for anyone who wants to have their entire trip planned out for them. If you’re looking for that then you can check out my 3-day London itinerary (which includes this travel guide as a free extra!)


I have purchased the itinerary, should I purchase this as well?

The London travel guide is in included in the itinerary so you don't need to buy it seperatley.