3-Day Digital London Itinerary
3-Day Digital London Itinerary
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3-Day Digital London Itinerary

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Are you planning a trip to London but have no idea where to start?

Do you hate spending hours on the internet looking for ideas for things to do and would love someone to do the hard work for you?

Do you feel a bit lost, overwhelmed and in need of some general guidance when planning your trip to London?

If you answered YES to any of these you need the NOTSOBASICLONDON 3-Day London Itinerary!


What is the NOTSOBASICLONDON 3-day digital Itinerary?

The 3-day London itinerary is your ultimate London travel companion. Instead of spending hours searching around the internet looking for things to do while in London, I have done all that hard work for you. The 3-day digital itinerary is designed to plan your entire trip to London in one easy click. It features:

  • A detailed 119 page 3-day itinerary guiding you around all of the must-see areas of London.
  • PLUS, a 97 page travel guide with tips and advice on visiting the city including what travel tickets to buy, money-saving tips, and how to get to/from the airport. Plus tons more recommendations you may want to add to your itinerary. (Worth £15 on its own!!)
  • Great food recommendations along your route.
  • Historical facts on your journey.
  • Key photo spots to get that all-important London photo
  • Toilet locations.
  • Child friendly activities.
  • Accessibility information.
  • Customized Google maps to follow so you know exactly where you're going.
  • Ability to personalise to your needs and interests.


    Who is the itinerary suitable for?

    The itinerary is great for anyone who wants a classic London experience with a few hidden gems to see along the way. On the daily routes, you’ll see all of the major sights and attractions but have the option to go off the beaten track a little if you want to. It's perfect for a first-timer or someone who doesn't have much experience in the city.

    Who isn't the itinerary suitable for?

    The itinerary has many different options and because I’ve designed it to be so flexible it really is suitable for most people. There are lots of ideas in there so if something doesn’t suit you along the route, there is always another choice to head to. However, if you’re looking for a really alternate London experience without seeing any of the major sights then this isn’t for you.

    I'm only visiting for a day. Can I still use it?

    Absolutely! You can just pick one of the days to use or you could build your own version from all of the ideas in there. Better still, you can buy it and use it on 3 different days throughout the year.


    I'm visiting for a week. Can I still use it?

    Yes, it's called the 3 day itinerary but honestly, there is enough in there for a whole week in London. There is so much in the itinerary that you won't be able to do it all in 3 days which means you can create more days out of it if you want too!


    I am travelling on my own ... is this suitable?

    Yes, it is. A lot of the suggestions on the itinerary are solo traveller friendly! however, I have created a separate solo traveller guide to use in combination with the itinerary for more customized solo-friendly things to do and places to eat.


    Is the itinerary child/family friendly?

    Yes it is. 90% of the things to do on the itinerary are child friendly (except bars/pubs/clubs etc) There is a key on the itinerary which points out you the child and family friendly points of interest. I have also marked on your food recommendations if places have a child specific menu.

    How is the NOTSOBASICLONDON itinerary better than the free itineraries you see on the internet?

    The NOTSOBASICLONDON itinerary is created by a local Londoner who lives and breathes the city every single day. It's jam packed with over 10 years experience. Every day I explore the city (at a cost) trying and testing out different experiences so you I can tell you if they are worth spending your hard earned money. When you get your itinerary you’ll see its not your average travel plan. It is incredibly detailed and not only does it give you a complete 3-day guided route around London complete with historic facts, photo spots and recommended food spots, you also have an extra 97 page travel guide with invaluable advice about visiting the city. 


    I don't need an itinerary but would like some general guidance about visiting London. Can you help?

    No problem. Inside the 3-day itinerary is a 100 page travel guide that tells you everything you need to know about visiting the city including what travel tickets to buy, how to get to/from the airport, advice on packing and money saving tips. Plus, lots more. If you don't need an itinerary you can get the travel guide separate right here.